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Culpeper Youth Leadership Program

The Culpeper Youth Leadership Program is a County Board of Supervisors initiative that allows Culpeper Teens to work and collaborate with local government and community leaders throughout the year.  The program includes the Youth Advisory Council and general membership, called Culpeper Youth, and is coordinated by the Culpeper Youth Leadership Steering Committee (CYLSC) and Support Group.  The CYLSC and Support Group is made up of local government officials and community leaders.

Culpeper Youth members will have the opportunity to learn local Government, Economic Development, and Business. They will learn to collaborate and speak confidently in an open forum. All 7th graders through 11th graders that apply will be accepted into the Culpeper Youth program.

Youth Advisory Council:

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is comprised of representatives from each of the public and private high schools and the home school community. The YAC Officers will represent each of the 7 Culpeper County Magisterial Election Districts. Initially, members of the YAC will be appointed by the CYLSC and in following years will be elected by the general membership of the program. The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a group of motivated rising 11th and 12th grade teens  who work together to raise awareness of the issues facing Culpeper youth. They serve as a liaison between the young community and local government and community leaders. The roles of the YAC includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Identifying the focus of Culpeper Youth (CY)
  • Supporting CY to organize, plan, and conduct events around the focus
  • Advocate for the youth community to local government officials
  • Represent the community
  • Mentoring by local government officials and community leaders
  • Mentoring of CY members

YAC shall facilitate bi-monthly meetings of Culpeper Youth throughout the school year to plan and initiate community service activities and events that support the chosen focus of the YAC. Culpeper Youth members will have the opportunity to learn local Government, Economic Development, and Business. They will learn to collaborate and speak confidently in an open forum. Examples of programs and events can include, but are not limited to: 2-Day Youth Fest; Battle of the Bands; Step Up Culpeper Youth Competition; 2-Day Summer Youth Leadership Training Program; and Government Day.

Culpeper Youth and the YAC:

Culpeper Youth, comprised of any upcoming Culpeper 8th-12th graders, and the YAC shall support the program through fundraising, volunteer engagement, and building community awareness through establishing community relationships and connections. Each year YAC and Culpeper Youth will have the opportunity to speak to the Board of Supervisors, Town Council, School Board, Chamber of Commerce, and Business Leaders within the community. The group will have the ability to provide insight on the issues they feel are most pressing for youth, and give our youth a voice in the community.

Culpeper Youth’s Community Involvement:

  • Continually volunteering at Culpeper Renaissance’s 3rd Thursday Concerts with the next and last one scheduled for Thursday August 17.
  • Volunteered at SAFE helping to bag hygiene supplies for the Survivor’s Day, at which we also had volunteers
  • Volunteered at the “Net a Buck” fundraiser for the Bright Spot Inclusive Playground
  • Volunteered at the Lake Pelham Adventures ribbon cutting event hosted by the Town of Culpeper and the Ol Country Store
  • Partnership with Goodwill Industries on the Groundwork Project, an 8 week long leadership program at Verdun through which the participants will learn various leadership skills and walk away with a complete resume, cover letter, reference letters, and CPR certification.  Participants will hopefully then be able to help facilitate subsequent leadership programs with Verdun counselors.
  • MOU completed with Cintas
  • Culpeper Youth is being highlighted weekly in the Culpeper Times
  • Culpeper Youth will volunteer at the Culpeper Fiesta scheduled for Friday September 15 at 6-10pm.
  • Culpeper Youth is also planning a free Kickoff Event for THIS SATURDAY August 19, 1–8pm at Yowell Meadow Park!
    All are welcome! 


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